Raspberries are on fire. Blues way up! All tomatoes are up.
A lot of rain from Florida to New Jersey—will hurt prices and quality.

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Figs Black Mission Full pints
Champagne Grapes
Meyers Lemons from Australia
Lychee Nuts


Chive Buds by the lb. “On Sale”
Red Cherry Peppers Organic
Romanesco Cauliflower
Runner/Flat Beans
Snow Pea Sprouts 2 lb.
Large Heirloom Tomatoes “Price down”
Aspiration/Broccolini “Price

NJ Corn White & Bi Color
Local Strawberries
Delicats Squash
NJ Tomatoes “Price up”
Eckerton Heirloom Tomatoes
NJ Boston

Black Trumpet Mushrooms
Lobster Mushrooms
Fresh Morrel Price up
Chanterelles Price up

Eggs 15 Dozen Loose, Up!
Heavy Cream by the quart
White Truffle Oil
Butter 36 X 1