Specials for Wednesday through Tuesday, February 6 – February 12, 2019

Seasonal Fruits

Prune Plums 22 lb.

Pluots “Ending”

Cara Cara Oranges “Back in”

Red Velvet Apricots Limited!

Bosc & Bartlett Pears

Real Lady Apples

Meyers Lemons

Caped Gooseberries


Lemon Aid 6 X 64 oz.

Anjou Pears “Back in”

Tomcorb Grapes: No seeds

Fuji & Royal Gala Apples

Finger Limes

Dragon Fruit

Blood Oranges Back in! Australian

Figs Black Mission Trays & Pints

Golden Kiwi

Pink Lady Apples


Blood Orange Juice

Green Cooking Papaya (Piece or case)

Muscat Grapes

Peaches & Nectarines

Crimson Red Pears

Honey Crisp Apples

Red Flesh Papaya’s

Vegetables and Others

Red Viened Sorrel “Lakeville”

Braising Mixed Greens

Natalies Blood Orange Juice


Fire Cracker Mizzuna

Mixed Veggie Sweet Peppers

Lollipop Kale Sprouts

Fingerling Yams

Mixed Marble Fingerling Potatoes

Peeled White & Red Pearl Onions

B & W Salad Cress 1.5 lb.

Fresh Hearts of Palm

Large Rainbow Carrots 25 lb.

Kaffier Lime Leaves

Yellow Wax Beans

Arcadian & Artesian Mixed Lettuce

Apple Cider 4 X 1 gallon

Dandelion Greens

Sun Dried Cranberries

Baby Iceberg Lettuce

Now stocking “Organics” Limited

Baby Fennel

Brite Lites Rainbow Swiss Chard

Sugar Cane Swizzle Sticks

Peeled Cippolini Onions Gallon


Pluots “Just arrived”

Purple Fingerlings

Garlic Scapes

Donut Peaches

White Cherries

Gold Bar Squash Local

Chopped Kale

Ramps Done!


Chanterelles “Price down”

Fresh Porcini’s

King Oyster 3 lb.

Fresh Morels “Price down”


Orange Juice 4 X 1 gallon

Whole Milk & Heavy Cream

Fresh Lemon & Lime Juice

Some Dried Fruits in stock



Acorn & Spaghetti Squash

Lotus & Tarro Root

Kabocha & Blue Hubbard

Whole Peeled Idaho Potatos

Eggs & Butter in stock