You can’t go far anymore without hearing or seeing this word: organic. In fact, many grocery stores and wholesale produce stores will have a section just for organic produce. Also, some stores exclusively sell organic produce and products. The reason is that organic foods are much more than just a trendy word or fad. Stocking your restaurant with organic, fresh produce can make a big differencenot only in a person’s health, but in quality and even the flavor of the foods you prepare.

What Is Organic Farming?

Organic farming is method that farmers use to grow food such as fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, and dairy products. In contrasts, the use of synthetic and/or chemical fertilizers is necessary to grow non-organic produce. In other words, farmers spray foods with pesticides, and expose them to chemical herbicides in order to grow them. Meanwhile, to grow organic produce farmers use natural fertilizers, no pesticides, and natural or organic-approved weed control. Similarly, livestock used for organic meat and dairy are not given growth hormones, antibiotics or medications that may be unsafe for humansand they always have access to the outdoors. 

Organic produce distributors and those who choose to shop organic take a stance against the large chemical production corporations. By doing so, they stand again an industry that has polluted much of the earth. When non-organic foods are grown, they’re sprayed with toxic chemicals that kill everything except the crop. Unfortunately, they also kill living organisms that plants need to grow, and those that enrich the soil with nutrients. Organic farmers and markets make sure that their produce, meat, and dairy products aren’t exposed to any harmful chemicals. 

Organic Produce Tastes Better

What tastes best is largely a matter of opinion. However, there is some good science behind the statement that organic produce tastes better. The pesticides and chemicals necessary to grow non-organic crops pollute the soil. The plants will become stressed and need to dig roots deeper to find the nutrients they require. However, organically grown crops have access to healthy, nutrient dense soil, and are able to devote more energy into developing their fruits or vegetables. Many food experts and chefs do agree that organic foods tend to taste better. This is the result of the health of the nutrient-full soil that farmers use in organic farming. But, flavor also depends on the particular genetics of the crop itself.

What Are the Health Benefits of Organic Produce?

In terms of nutrients there is little difference between organic and inorganic foods according to the research we have so far, but there are still significant differences between the two. Organic food is better for the environment without question, but organic produce does offer more potential benefits to the human body, such as these.


Organic produce has shown to have higher levels of antioxidants (about 20%-40% more than inorganic fruits and veggies) which equates to roughly two extra servings a day—without having to eat double. 

Fresher food

Without synthetic preservatives to prolong shelf life, organic food is often fresher. The production of organic produce is often (though not always) on a smaller scale, on small farms near to selling points, which results in fresher food.

Less pesticide residue

Organically grown fruits and vegetables have lower levels of pesticide residue. Airborne pesticides that pollute the air from commercial crops may end up on organic produce, though in much lower levels.

GMO free

GMOs, or Genetically Modified Organisms, are foods and plants that have been genetically engineered in a lab and do not occur in nature. Furthermore, it is common to modify the DNA of fruits and veggies to make them resistant to pesticides and toxic chemicals. 

Decreased allergies

Organic food is by no means free of proteins that cause allergies, but many people have an allergy to the pesticides and toxins that have been in and on foods for so long. Now, some people with allergies to foods, chemicals, and preservatives have found that their symptoms either lessen or disappear when they eat organic.

Consumers Want Organic

Now more than ever before, people are switching to organic foods, with sales meeting new highs over the last year alone. Not only do consumers want organic options in their fridge, they want to be able to go out and order food without having to worry about what they’re putting into their bodies. Personal health is becoming a primary customer focus, and eating organic assures fewer toxic chemicals in your food. In addition, you can take a stand for the environment.

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