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Thanksgiving is next week. More shutdown is looming. All greens are on fire. Romaines are tight and the price is out of control.

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Weekly Specials

November 18 – November 24, 2020


Seasonal Fruits

Quince just arrived!

McIntosh Apples

Seckel & Forellle Pears

Pink Lady Apples

Blood Oranges Southern Hemisphere

Sun Dried Cranberries by the lb.

Fresh Coco Nuts

Key Limes

Dragon Fruit

Cortland Apples

Fuji, Granny & Royal Gala Apples



Vegetables and Others


Trevisano Radicchio

Little Gem Lettuce

Castle Franco Radicchio

Red Viened Sorrel Lakeville

Mixed Veggie Sweet Peppers

Spring Onion with Top

Baby Fennel,Kale or Leeks

Dandelion Greens

Peeled White & Red Pearl Onions

B & W Salad Cress 1.5


Yam & Fingerling Yams

Rutabaha Wax Turnips

Mini Pumpk’n & Deco Gourd

White Turnips

String & French Beans

Bergamont Sour Oranges

Fresh Cranberries

Fresh Chestnuts


Chanterelles Price down

Honshemigji White/Brown

Oyster Mushrooms

Black Trumpets


Cream Cheese!! 3 lb. log

Whole Milk & Heavy Cream

Fresh Lemon & Lime Juice

Parmesan Cheese Grated


Kabocha Squash

Acorn & Butternut Squash

Whole Peeled Butternut Sq

Honeynut Squash

Carnival & Sweet Dumpling

Eggs & Butter in stock

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