Microgreens are quite literally shooting up all over the place as people realize just how delicious and nutritious these tiny superhero sprouts are. There are a wide variety of microgreens available; each are easy to grow and have unique, delicious, and concentrated flavors of their more mature counterparts. So with every type of microgreen, there are numerous possibilities for recipes that make each little shoot shine. Snow pea sprouts have a tender, crisp, and sweet taste that adds a bounty of flavor to recipes. Plus, snow pea sprouts have half of the recommended daily dose of vitamin C…in just ONE tiny sprout! Pea Microgreens are loaded with nutrients like iron, protein, and other amazing health benefits. In addition, they make great additions to many dishessuch as these.

1. Snow Pea Salad

The best way to eat snow peas and get all of the nutritional benefits is to consume them raw. Snow pea sprouts have a lovely, mild flavor that makes them a great addition to any salad. Adding a tangy fruit like cherries, as well as a citrusy fruit like lemon, will offer a surprisingly tangy contrast to the mild and sweet taste of the pea sprouts. Thin slices of radish or even arugula microgreens can spice up the salad with their peppery fresh flavors. 

2. Pea Shoot and Portobello Saute

The wonderfully earthy flavor of portobello mushrooms pairs well with the mild snow pea flavor. Mushrooms and microgreens are easy to saute together with garlic, soy, or tamari sauce, and an oil of your choice brings these heavenly flavors together. This diet-friendly meal is flavorful, healthy, and looks beautiful when sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds. Alternatively, many people enjoy garlic-sauteed snow pea sprouts on their own or as a delicious side. 

3. Snow Pea Sprout Curry

Making curry with snow pea microgreens is easy and extremely flavorful. Curries’ unique taste is made of sweet and savory spices. To make a simple curry, cook tomatoes, ginger, onion, and garlic with snow pea sprouts and Indian curry paste. Snow pea sprouts also make an exquisite addition in Thai green curry with chicken. Thai green curry has a sharp, tangy flavor that pairs exceptionally well with the fresh, mild taste of the snow pea sprouts, giving the curry a satisfying and delightful textural crunch. Add vegetables like sweet potatoes, eggplant, or mushrooms to play with the flavors.

4. Pea Shoot Pesto

This vibrant, green dish sings with flavors that are healthy and good on just about anythingincluding sandwiches, pasta, crackers, salads, and just about anything else you can think of. Make easy pea shoot pesto by processing snow pea sprouts with toasted nuts, garlic, an oil of your choice, and salt and pepper. A squeeze of lemon juice can lend an acidic, zesty zing to the pesto, and cheese such as parmesan is also an option to add salty, rich flavor. Nuts such as pistachio or pine can be used as-is or toasted to bring out their rich, nutty flavor. And, adding peas can turn this dish into an even healthier pea pesto! The flavor of lightly sweet snow pea microgreens is heavenly for a bright, herby pesto; it’s a definite must-try!

5. Pea Shoot Soup

Though pea soup is typically made with split peas, snow pea sprouts shed new light onto this savory dish and kick up it’s healthiness a few notches, too. Onions and pea sprouts are stir-fried in oil, salt, and pepper until tender, combining the savory and lightly sweet flavors, which are then added to a heated, creamy mixture of whipping cream and vegetable stock. Heat through, then process the soup until pureed and smooth. Add butter and garnish with a few pea sprouts on top, and this creamy, savory dish is ready to eat. 

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