About Us

The big break for Agri Exotic came in early 2000 when a corporate buying office at a major hotel chain selected Agri to supply produce to all of its locations in the tri-state area. This contract triggered the growth of Agri and allowed the company to dramatically expand while continuing to providing what Agri Exotic is known for: superior service and product.

Recent changes include:

  • Complete relocation to our modern 16,000 square foot warehouse facility
  • Our location has access to all major freeways
  • Increased refrigerated truck fleet
  • Additional office staff and larger logistics crew
  • Newly minted sales department
  • Experienced buyers who deal with the best growers

Today, Agri has partnered with many hotels, restaurants and caterers. We are now ready to serve you in the way we’ve been accustomed: with excellence. We’re here to earn your business. By getting to know your needs, and meeting them.

Every chef is different, and we respect that. Our experience is ideally suited to corporate entities with multiple units, and can easily please the purchasing department and the chef with equal facility.

And for the catering chef, Agri delivers the finest specialty produce, bringing true authenticity to your specialty menus…from five varieties of mint, to opal basil, to hoja santa.

We’re here for you,



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Agri Exotic Trading updates prices as often as daily to your operation. We can update to your database of choice. Whether it’s CSV for Adaco or Excel files using SQL databases for any custom purchasing software, we have the experience and the ability to keep accounting happy. We’ll gladly make supply chain compliance our priority.