You may think of summer when you think of strawberries. But, as the weather gets frosty outside, nothing sounds better than some sweet, gooey, hot desserts to keep us toasty and fight off the winter gloomies; and warm strawberry desserts are the perfect thing. The strawberry is a symbol of perfect goodness because of its deliciously sweet, tart flavor and aromaperfect for pies, cakes, cookies, gelatos, and more. This cheerful sugary fruit straight from mother nature can easily punch up many delectable desserts. Strawberries will warm up the mood, since we can’t change the weather.

Warm Strawberry Shortcakes

Strawberry shortcakes aren’t just a warm-weather treat, they can also be the perfect warm desserts during the cooler seasons. For strawberry shortcakes with warm strawberry glaze, cranberry juice is simmered with strawberries and sugar to create a gorgeous, red, sweet, and tart sauce. The hot strawberry sauce is spooned over half of a buttery, steaming biscuit, then topped with the other half of the biscuit, more strawberry sauceand, finally, a dollop of rich whipped cream to tie it all together.

Strawberry Spoon Cake

A simple but delectable recipe for a warm strawberry dessert is the strawberry spoon cake. This easy to make cake uses basic ingredients to deliver a tasty, warm dessert that can be dressed up or altered in many waysif you choose. To make strawberry spoon cake, you need to mash the berries and add brown sugar into their juices to make a mouthwatering syrup-and-fruit glaze. Then drizzle this glaze over the sweet cake batter. Afterward,  bake the cake and spoon it into portions. For last, serve it with a scoop of strawberry ice cream. Try adding other fruits to this recipe, or a dash of freshly ground cardamom to up the ante on this easy, flavorful dessert.

Strawberry Crumble

Strawberry crumbles or crisps are classic strawberry desserts filled with gooey, fresh syrup and real fruit filling. This two-layer strawberry dessert is sweetened with warm syrupy fruit and has a crumbly top layer, which adds a perfect texture contrast. There are many ways to alter the recipe to make it just right for whom you’re serving, including allergy-friendly and diet-friendly options. We like to mix fresh, ripe strawberries or frozen strawberries with cornstarch, a sweetener, and a touch of lemon juice. Then, we add the crumbly, streusel-like top and we bake the resulting crumble all together. The golden-brown top offers a nice crunch to the soft strawberry filling beneath.

Strawberry Hand Pies

If you’re looking for a sugary, warm, and gooey dessert that’s easy to eat, look no further. Strawberry hand pies are delicious and convenient, and have the perfect balance of a buttery crust and a deliciously soft and fruity inside. For this dessert, we simmer fresh strawberries with lemon juice, water, and sugar to get a steamy jam filling. This treat oozes with a sugary aroma and a slightly tart taste. The flaky, buttery, golden-brown pie crust is sprinkled with granulated sugar and can be crafted into different shapesto suit any type of event. However, the taste alone is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Spicy Strawberry Baskets

When the weather cools down, everyone loves a little spice to keep them toasty. Spicy Strawberry Baskets are a perfect strawberry dessert for winter. Shape storebought, flaky pastry into baskets. Then, fill them with cream cheese and a mixture of strawberry jam and chili. Afterward, bake the baskets until golden brown. Garnish each basket with poppy and sesame seeds for the perfect spicy-sweet treat. 

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