Seasonal Fruits

d’Anjou Pears

Apricots Just arrived

Yellow Seedless Watermelons New

Juan Canary or Galia Melons New

Asian Pears

Altufo/Champagne Mangos New

Peaches Just arrived!! Expensive!

Frozen Banana Leaves lbs

Cherries are in!! Stupid price

Black Plums S.A.

Bosc, Bartlett & Comice Pears

Fuji, Granny & Royal Gala Apples

Fresh Turmeric lbs

Dragon Fruit!!!

Figs Black Mission 12 X 8 oz. (Tight)

Kaffier Lime Leaves New

Rhubarb Washington St

Caped Gooseberries New


Green Cooking Papaya!!! Piece or case

Black Seedless Grapes New

Fresh Hearts of Palm by the lb.

Yellow Grape Tomatoes New

Honey Crisp Apples Price down

Kumquats “Ending”

Vegetables and Others

Spring Onion w/top

Kirby Cucumbers

Snow Pea Sprouts

Summer Black Truffle Peelings 7 oz.

Green or Yellow Tomatoes

Mixed Veggie Sweet Peppers

Fresh Chervil & Thai Basil New

Baby Fennel, Kale or Leeks

Ultra Baby Bok Choy New

Peeled White & Red Pearl Onions

B & W Salad Cress 1.5 lb. “New”

Dandelion Greens Local NJ New

Purple Small Loose Artichokes New

Red Watercress or Red Endive

Baby Beets Red, Gold & Candy Cane

Arcadian & Artesian Mixed Lettuce

Baby Iceberg Lettuce 40 ct.

Sunchokes New crop

Red Veined Sorrel (Lakeville)

Kohlrabi New


Nasturtiums or Pansy Flowers

Baby Round Carrots New

Romanesco or Caulilini Cauliflower

Tri Color Cauliflower


English Peas Brand

Rhubarb Holland

Ramps Plenty & cheaper

Spring/Green Garlic

Fiddle Head Ferns

Snow Pea Leaves

Fava Beans

Large Hierloom Tomatoes


Hedge Hog

Blue Foots Fresh

Maitake 3 lb.

King Oyster Mushrooms


Cream Cheese!! 3 lb. log

Whole Milk & Heavy Cream

Fresh Lemon & Lime Juice

Parmesan & Feta Cheese


Lots of Micro Greens

Acorn & Butternut Squash

Whole Peeled Butternut Sq

Delicata Squash

Sweet Dumpling Squash

Eggs & Butter in stock