Seasonal Fruits

Lady Apples Brand New

Cherries from S.A, are in! Big $$$$

Fuyu Persimmons New

Forelle, Anjou or Seckel Pears New

Altufo/Haitian Mangos New

Buhdda Hands by the piece, New

Cara Cara Oranges New

Dried Cranberries by the lb.

Mandarin Oranges New

Cortland or Macoun Apples NY State

Bosc, Bartlett or Crimson Pears

Fuji, Granny & Royal Gala Apples

Fresh Tumeric lb.

Dragon Fruit!!! Yellow Flesh

Figs Black Pints!!

Fresh Chestnuts by the lb.

MacIntosh Apples New crop

Caped Gooseberries New

Fresh Grapefruit Juice New

Juan Canary Melons New

Meyers Lemons

Fresh Hearts of Palm by the lb.

Red Flesh Papaya

Passion Fruit New

Sugar Cane Swizzle Sticks New

Vegetables and Others

White Yams!!!

Purple Cauliflower New!!!

Snow Pea Sprouts!!!

Pea Leaves by the lb.

White Asparagus!!!

Mixed Veggie Sweet Peppers

Fresh Sorrel New!!!

Baby Fennel,or Baby Kale!!!

Shiso Obba Leaves Green or Purple!!

Peeled White & Red Pearl Onions!!!

B & W Salad Cress 1.5 lb. “New”!!

Micro Pea Sprouts!!!

Baby Romaine Hearts 24 ct.

White or Red Endive!!! Price up!!!!

Baby Beets Red, Gold & Candy Cane!!

Arcadian & Artesian Mixed Lettuce!!!

Ruskuss or Lemon Leaves!!

Dutch Runner Beans New!!!

Red Viened Sorrel (Lakeville)

Salsify Root New!!

Okinowa Sweet Potatos New!!

Nastursiums or Pansy Flowers

Mizzuna Greens New!!!

Romanesco or Caulilini Cauliflower

Tri Color Cauliflower!!!


English Peas Brand

Rhubarb Holland

Ramps Plenty & cheaper

Spring/Green Garlic

Fiddle Head Ferns

Snow Pea Leaves

Fava Beans

Large Hierloom Tomatoes


Hedge Hog

Blue Foots Fresh

Maitake 3 lb.

King Oyster Mushrooms


Cream Cheese!! 3 lb. log

Whole Milk & Heavy Cream

Fresh Lemon & Lime Juice

Parmesan & Feta Cheese


Lots of Micro Greens

Acorn & Butternut Squash

Whole Peeled Butternut Sq

Delicata Squash

Sweet Dumpling Squash

Eggs & Butter in stock