Organic Buying Guide: How Often Should Restaurants Order Produce? 

Owning and managing a restaurant is no easy task. Successful restaurants often have a thousand moving parts. Therefore, the people who manage restaurants need to be knowledgeable of each part. The most important aspect of a restaurant is undoubtedly the food. Firstly, you need to prepare it well. But also, you have to serve it fresh, handle and cook it properly. Likewise, proper food storage is essential. But the key to delicious food that keeps people coming back is often fresh food, and at least half of the ingredients of most dishes is produce. How Often Should Restaurants Get Organic

Restaurant Owners: Why Organic Produce Makes All the Difference 

You can’t go far anymore without hearing or seeing this word: organic. In fact, many grocery stores and wholesale produce stores will have a section just for organic produce. Also, some stores exclusively sell organic produce and products. The reason is that organic foods are much more than just a trendy word or fad. Stocking your restaurant with organic, fresh produce can make a big difference—not only in a person’s health, but in quality and even the flavor of the foods you prepare. What Is Organic Farming? Organic farming is method that farmers use to grow food such as fruits,

5 Creative Ways to Use Snow Pea Sprouts in Your Restaurant Dishes 

Microgreens are quite literally shooting up all over the place as people realize just how delicious and nutritious these tiny superhero sprouts are. There are a wide variety of microgreens available; each are easy to grow and have unique, delicious, and concentrated flavors of their more mature counterparts. So with every type of microgreen, there are numerous possibilities for recipes that make each little shoot shine. Snow pea sprouts have a tender, crisp, and sweet taste that adds a bounty of flavor to recipes. Plus, snow pea sprouts have half of the recommended daily dose of vitamin C…in just ONE

Caterers: Best Warm Strawberry Desserts to Serve this Winter 

You may think of summer when you think of strawberries. But, as the weather gets frosty outside, nothing sounds better than some sweet, gooey, hot desserts to keep us toasty and fight off the winter gloomies; and warm strawberry desserts are the perfect thing. The strawberry is a symbol of perfect goodness because of its deliciously sweet, tart flavor and aroma—perfect for pies, cakes, cookies, gelatos, and more. This cheerful sugary fruit straight from mother nature can easily punch up many delectable desserts. Strawberries will warm up the mood, since we can’t change the weather. Warm Strawberry Shortcakes Strawberry shortcakes

How to Find the Right Produce Distributor for Your Restaurant

When it comes to cooking, everything comes down to the ingredients. Quality produce can make or break a business, so where a restaurant gets its produce is one of the biggest decisions they can make before cutting the ribbon and opening the doors to hungry customers. This is why it’s imperative for a restaurant to find the right produce distributor that will ensure quality produce is available on any given day. The right restaurant supplier is out there, and we’re here to help you get the basics down before heating up the stoves. So What Is a Produce Distributor? You’re

How Pastry Chefs Use Edible Pansy Flowers to Make Beautiful Meals 

There are a variety of beautiful and tasty edible flowers out there, but the pansy flower stands out with its many color variations—which come in a range from bright and vivid to gentle, pale pastel. They also come in gorgeous and vivid patterns. Not only can edible pansies dress up just about any dish you can think of, but they’re also very easy to use and incorporate into many dishes. Why Are Pansies the Most Popular Edible Flower? The pansy, a relative to the viola, symbolizes remembrance and loving feelings. While many flowers are edible, the pansy flower is popular

The Best Thanksgiving Side Dishes to Leave Your Guests Wanting More 

Are you the traditional turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes type? Or maybe you’re a more adventurous kind who likes to try new things? Either way, Thanksgiving is one of the best times to execute delicious holiday recipes! Even those who cherish the classic Thanksgiving dinner every year can mix it up and try something new with some of these delicious sides—which are sure to offer everyone something to love! Potatoes, the “Perfect Food” Nearly everyone loves potatoes in one form or another. So it may be easy to understand why potatoes are our number-one favorite of Thanksgiving sides. Not only

Restaurant Owners: Why Microgreens Are a Must-Have in Your Kitchen

Do you love delicious, healthy food, and have always wanted to prove you’ve got a green thumb? Then microgreens are the perfect addition to your kitchen! There are a variety of plants out there whose microgreen variants are flavorful! Also, they are an extremely nutritious addition to your recipes. Even better, it takes as little as a couple of weeks to harvest a whole micro crop! What Are Microgreens? Most have heard of or even seen these tiny plants, but don’t know what they are—or the power those little interesting plants hold. So what are microgreens exactly? Microgreens are the

Restaurant Owners: 5 Tasty Winter Dishes to Cook With Pomegranates!

Pomegranates are one of the most sought after fruits—and one of the most versatile. This unusual fruit, with its brightly colored arils or sacs filled with sweet but tart juice, has become widely popular in the United States. With its unique, delicious flavor, it’s easy to understand why. Likewise, the pomegranate stands out among the winter seasonal fruits. After all, its bold, rich flavor is perfect for many winter dishes. A Seasonal Fruit Pomegranates are fall and winter fruits, and we usually see them scattered amongst other fruits and veggies in the iconic cornucopia around Thanksgiving. Or, they may show

9 Food Trends That Specialty Grocery Stores Should Know

There have been many food trends over the years, from the 1950s’ Jell-O food to Ranch dressing on everything in the 1980s. 2021 brought about many food trends, and quite a few stemming from the Coronavirus pandemic. Carb Alternatives Carb alternatives are mostly born of the ketogenic diet, a diet in which someone avoids carbs and sugars, opting instead for healthy fats. However, not everyone who chooses low carb alternatives are on the Ketogenic diet! Many people are simply trying to choose a healthier option. Many low carb alternatives include bell peppers, cauliflower, and zucchini. Home Baked Bread When the


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